Why Aspen Creek Partners?

An Experienced Naperville Builder With so many builders in DuPage County, what makes Aspen Creek Partners particularly qualified to build your custom home? We think our firm offers several distinct advantages to our clients that are not duplicated by any other builder in the Naperville area.

Select Aspen Creek Partners to build your custom home

  • An Experienced Naperville Custom Builder
    Aspen Creek Partners was one of the first true custom residential design-build firms to specialize in downtown Naperville projects when the current redevelopment trend started in 2001. Since then, our business has expanded to the surrounding areas in western DuPage, Kendall and Kane Counties. Both partners have many years experience in managing a wide variety of complex projects to successful conclusions.
  • A True "Custom" Builder
    While there many builders serving the Naperville, Wheaton and surrounding market, many of them are "semi-custom" builders who typically build several homes a year working from a relatively small number of pre-designed plans. Aspen Creek Partners is a true custom builder that works only with one of a kind custom designs. We understand and welcome the complexities associated with new and unique designs.
  • Licensed Architect On Construction Team
    When you engage Aspen Creek Partners to build your custom home, you will receive the services of an experienced and well known local architect, Cory Smith, as part of the construction management team. Cory's participation on the team, particularly at the time the project is bid, helps insure that your bid is reliable, and will minimize the cost and delay that you may incur if your architect is called upon to interpret plans for a less experienced general contractor. The direct involvement of a licensed architect in the construction process helps insure that your home will be competently and professionally built in accordance with specifications provided by your architect and engineer.
  • Partners On Site Daily
    Both partners in the firm, Herb Getz and Cory Smith, live in Naperville and at least one of them (and typically both) will be on your job site every day. Our clients deal directly with firm partners and not with a construction superintendent or "selections associate". We are available to both our clients and our subcontractors on very short notice to address questions. Addressing questions in real time avoids the costs and delays associated with rework. We encourage our clients to meet with us on site as often as possible to review the progress of the work and to insure that the expectations you had from the plans are actually being realized in the field.
  • A Real Subcontractor "Team"
    Aspen Creek Partners has assembled a real "team" of professional subcontractors to work on our projects, most of whom have been working with each other for many years. Because most of our subcontractors know each other personally and have worked on many projects together, we get excellent cooperation and coordination between the trades. This relationship with and among the subcontractors provides Aspen Creek Partners with an ability to schedule trades on a very time-effective basis, keeping projects on schedule.
  • A Builder You Can Trust – "No Surprises"
    We know from experience that many prospective clients find the process of designing and building a custom home to be confusing and sometimes intimidating. Others have heard horror stories from friends or neighbors about cost overruns, delays, unexpected change orders and rude subcontractors, just to name a few concerns. One very important goal of Aspen Creek Partners is to take the mystery out of the entire home building process, and to make our clients feel very comfortable with all aspects of their project. We are committed to taking whatever time is necessary to answer every question you have about your project. We will spend time with you before and after we bid your project to make certain that we all understand exactly what's included, what's not and what "allowances" have been established for any piece of the project that has not been firmly decided at the time of our bid. One motto that we live by is "no surprises."

    We feel very strongly that this comfort level starts with a sense by the client that their contractor is being completely open and honest with them at all times. Our firm is somewhat unusual in this regard in that we work on an "open book" basis. This means that our clients have full access to all our bids, pricing information, budgets and cost reports relating to their project, including full disclosure of our charges and fees. By using the open book approach, you will have the opportunity to understand exactly why your home costs what it costs … and to more intelligently allocate your home construction budget.
  • A Well-Capitalized Firm
    Your relationship with your builder does not end when you get the keys. You want a firm that will stand behind its product with a solid warranty. During the past several years the vast majority of the so-called "custom home builders" that were operating in Naperville, Wheaton, Glen Ellyn and surrounding areas at the height of the real estate market are now nowhere to be found. Aspen Creek Partners continued actively building new homes through the entire downturn in the market. We are a well-capitalized firm with access to substantial capital reserves. Our clients have the benefit of working with a financially-stable firm that will be around long after they move in to address any service requirements.